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This, that, and the other

About that photography session I was supposed to go to last week -- one of my sisters-in-law didn't make the appointment early enough, so they couldn't do it last Wednesday. Instead, they did it last Thursday. I didn't go, but Patty said Reilly was misbehaving. Poor kid was probably either teething or tired. I got a picture of the three kids together and one of Justice by herself earlier this week. Kept forgetting to bring them to work until today.

Mom's birthday was Wednesday. For some reason that escapes me now, Lindsey and Reilly picked me up from work. There was an accident on the interstate, so a ride that should've taken about half an hour was twice that. Being stuck in a car with a crying one-year-old is not fun. When we finally got home, we had Chinese food and strawberry angel food cake (both Mom's decision). Then of course came the presents. Dad gave her an 18k gold rope bracelet, I gave her Red Door perfume (one of her favorites), Mark and Patty gave her a framed photo of Kalob and Reilly, and Lindsey and Robert (who's still in Missouri) gave her the first season of Murder, She Wrote on DVD.

I think I've mentioned before that I'm an on-again, off-again pro wrestling fan. I've always only watched WWF/WWE, and my number one favorite wrestler has always been The Undertaker. He joined the WWF in '90, but I didn't start liking him until '91, when he saved "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Elizabeth from Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Since then, the only time I wasn't fond of him was when he lead Ministry of Darkness, looking like the villain of some bad sci-fi movie. Blech. After MoD, he did the whole badass biker thing, but now he's back to being a Wild West undertaker. I think I'm rambling. Anyway, I brought this up now because the Undertaker DVD set I ordered a few weeks ago finally came in Wednesday, and I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit I spent most of yesterday watching all 10 hours of it.

Threshold starts tonight! I've been wanting to see this one since I read about it in TV Guide. I must admit, the main reason I want to see it is because of Brent Spiner. From what I've heard, the show is CBS' version of The X-Files. We shall see.
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