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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bono:
    U2 is definitely my favorite rock band. I've loved some of their songs even before I realized they were U2 songs. Bono is an amazing songwriter, and the fact that he's a social activist makes him an amazing person.
  2. clay aiken:
    Yes, I like Clay. Yes, I think the lyrics to some of his songs on his Measure of a Man CD were out there, but he has an amazing voice.
  3. disney movies:
    When I say I grew up watching Disney, I'm not kidding. My family was one of the first to subscribe to the Disney Channel in the early '80s. Whether animated or live-action, I love most Disney movies. Even the corny live-action movies from the '60s.
  4. fanfiction:
    I love fanfic! Whether reading or writing. Yes, I know I need to write more. I'm trying, believe me. Fanfiction is so great because it gives fans a chance to do what the Powers That Be can't or won't.
  5. hermione granger:
    Hermione's definitely the HP character I relate to the most, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows me. Let's see, we both have busy brown hair, brown eyes, less than perfect teeth (though hers are much better now), a love of books, and a tendency to be know-it-alls.
  6. jim henson:
    He was absolutely amazing. Between Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal (someday I'll sit down and watch that entire thing), the Muppets, etc. he showed unbelievable creativity and drive, and a real love of storytelling.
  7. much ado about nothing:
    One of my favorite of Shakespeare's plays. My first exposure to it was the '93 movie. I haven't read the entire play, but I will eventually. Much Ado is a romantic comedy, so it's much more the kind of story I like than Romeo and Juliet. You have to love the sparring/flirting between Beatrice and Benedick, but my favorite character would have to be Don Pedro.
  8. puck:
    Thanks to Disney's Gargoyles, I loved Puck even before I had seen or read A Midsummer Night's Dream. He absolutely fascinated me. It was earlier this year that I saw the '99 Midsummer movie, and I was totally blown away by Stanley Tucci's performance.
  9. shakespeare:
    I was first exposed to Shakespeare's plays my freshman year of high school when we read Romeo and Juliet. I know R&J is his most popular, but I didn't like it. Tragedy's definitely not my cup of tea. That basically turned me off until I saw the Much Ado movie. It was then that I fell in love with his characters and way with words.
  10. vampires:
    When I was little, I used to have nightmares about being turned into a vampire. Of course, that's before middle school, when a friend introduced me to L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries. Between those, BtVS, and Angel, it's no wonder I now love vampires.

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