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Patty, Kalob, and Justice were over for dinner. While her, Mom, Dad, and I were at the table, Mom and Patty got into a discussion about how old they were when they had their first kids. Mom said that since Kalob is "a big boy now" (he's not even two yet) and Justice won't be a baby much longer (she's 6 months, there's still plenty of time), Mom needs another grandbaby to cuddle. She told Justice that her mother should have another one. Patty gave Mom a very dirty look (she doesn't want another baby for a few years at least). I'm not sure if anyone suggested that Lindsey might have the next one, but since Linds wasn't there, I was the next obvious target. Mom and Patty actually said that my biological clock was ticking. At the dinner table. With my father sitting right there. I said it wasn't. They insisted it was. I said, "If that's true, then I can't hear it."

The fucking nerve! At that point, I decided to let the remarks slide, but I did tell Mom this morning that I didn't appreciate what they had said. She apologized, but she didn't sound very sincere. She apologized again a few minutes later, sounding more contrite, but she also said that it wouldn't happen again.

Yeah, right.

You know, I need a drama llama icon for times like this.
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