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Halloween morning

Did I mention I was going to be Sherlock Holmes this year? Did I mention my family thinks I'm nuts because I'm the "wrong gender" to dress up as the Great Detective? Did I mention they can bite me?

I will say that this polyester coat and deerstalker are making me decidedly warm. And the handle of the magnifying glass I bought on Ebay ($5, what a waste) broke just as we were heading out the door. Thankfully, I was able to borrow my dad's. I forgot my watch, but then Sherlock didn't wear one, so that's okay.

I've got references to a few Holmes stories going, though only a true fan would be able to spot them: a red shirt (A Study In Scarlet), a necklace with a blue glass gem (The Blue Carbuncle), and a stuffed dog on a leash (Toby from The Sign Of Four).
Tags: holidays, holmes
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