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Just got back from Goblet of Fire!

Warning -- I've been up too long today, so this post rambles a bit.

Boy, did a lot get left out. First of all, there was absolutely no mention of Rita being an illegal animagus. Second, no mention of Igor or Snape at the Death Eaters reunion. I think I saw Bellatrix, though. Voldemort named a few as he took of their masks -- Crabbe Sr., Goyle Sr., and Lucius of course, but you could see a dark-haired woman behind Voldie as he talked to Harry.

Moody was just as he should be, except for the lack of "Constant vigilence!"

The "Draco the Bouncing Ferret" scene was nearly perfect.

Cho was good, except that no one mentioned she was a 5th year and the Ravenclaw seeker.

Oh, the movie made it look like the Patil twins were both in Gryffindor, instead of having Padma in Ravenclaw.

The "Potter Stinks" pins were there, but no mention of Draco making them.

Oh! The whole "I see no difference" situation wasn't there. One of Snape's most in-character lines and it's not in the movie. But then, the CoS movie left out him finding Harry and Ron after the Flying Ford Anglia incident.

Believe it or not, Filch was the comic relief in this one.

It seemed like Hermione hated Moody after the Unforgivables lesson. If I remember the book correctly, Hermione was fascinated by him, especially when he said she'd make a good Auror.

There was nothing about how Barty Crouch Jr. got out of Azkaban and no Percy at all. Nothing about Fleur being part Veela. We didn't see Charlie and Bill at all, but at least Charlie was mentioned.

I shouldn't be surprised that they completely skipped the actual Quidditch World Cup match. They went from the teams entering the pitch to the Death Eater attack afterwards.

Speaking of that, in the book, the Death Eaters humiliate a muggle family, but I think that was about it until Barty Crouch Jr sent up the Dark Mark. This time, the Death Eaters set fire to the tents and it wasn't until after everything was in ashes that Barty sends up the Mark.

Maybe it's my imagination, but it looked like this movie was even more Harry/Hermione shippy.

Loved the dragon Harry faced, and especially the little model dragons. Oh, that reminds me -- no Krum doll for Ron, and no omnoculars for anyone.

The Yule Ball was great.

I loved how the Dark Mark in the sky and on the Death Eater's arms were done.

Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort... He was pretty good. He was evil and really reptilian. Oh! His eyes weren't red! WTF! But then, Harry's eyes aren't green and his hair isn't black.

Oh! No weighing of the wands scene either.

You know, if they had left all these scenes in, the movie would've rivaled the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy's length. I wonder what deleted scenes will be on the DVD.

I barely noticed the score, so I wonder how well the new guy, Patrick Doyle, did.

I wasn't crazy about how the Beauxbatons girls (weren't all three Wizarding schools co-ed in the book?) entered, but I loved the Durmstrang boys' entrance.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see Snape blasting apart rosebushes after the Ball. Pity.

I am so going to see this again!


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Nov. 19th, 2005 02:34 pm (UTC)
I don't think the schools were co-ed.

Snape is mentioned as a death eater who turned spy during the scene with Karakoff gives away Barty Crouch Jr. And he's looking at Karakoff's mark and since we've just seen the Pensieve scene, we know he's got one too. But I will say that the things that were left out? Didn't miss them. No SPEW, no Rita Skeeter storyline, no Dobby...and you know, that's really okay. Some of those subplots were just needless frustration in the book and would have slowed the movie down immensely. You got the point from one article with Rita without the feeling the repeated articles give you that you wish you could just enter the book and punch the bitch out. Even the scene with the Marauders Map where he sees Jr. I think would've given too much away (in the first movie, they were able to do a fantastic red-herring with Snape while still winking at the readers, especially the scene with Snape and Quirrell in the stands during the Quidditch match, but I don't think it would've worked here). I really didn't miss much at all, I felt like all the important information was there along with enough world-building, and that's the best you can hope for moving a book to film. PoA failed miserably in my estimation because it left out vital information that would be important to the main storyline. I just think it would have tied things together beautifully.

The one thing I missed was very small--the weighing of the wands and the Veela. I thought that would have been a nice extra and would have added to the world-building of the HP universe as far as the movies go. Also it would've been nice before the final showdown to have a reminder that Harry's wand is the brother of Voldemort's.

Snape however, had the best line in the movie, utterly silent, adjusting his cuffs to shove the boys' heads back down again. That was great.
Nov. 21st, 2005 01:46 pm (UTC)
I don't think the schools were co-ed.

From what I remember of the book (and I think I've only read GoF once), Durmstrang didn't bring any girl students, but I'm like 80% sure Beauxbatons brought boy students. I guess I'll have to check the Lexicon to be sure.

No SPEW, no Rita Skeeter storyline, no Dobby...

I'm so glad SPEW was left out. Some might argue that leaving it out doesn't show how compassionate Hermione can be, but we did see that in her concern for Neville.

Snape however, had the best line in the movie, utterly silent, adjusting his cuffs to shove the boys' heads back down again. That was great.

I totally forgot about that when I was writing my review. That completely makes up for the missing "I see no difference" scene.
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