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"If you're going to have a brain tumor, this is the best kind to have."

When I got out of work yesterday, I was surprised to see Patty waiting for me. Usually Mom or Dad pick me up. I got into her car and we start heading in the opposite direction of how I usually get home. I didn't think much of it (everyone seems to have their own way home) until Patty said, "You know we're not going home, right?"


"We're going to Children's (a local well-known pediatric hospital). Reilly has a brain tumor."

Now, I knew Reilly had an MRI scheduled for yesterday. He hasn't been walking well lately, and Robert and Linds were naturally worried. I assumed that the MRI would simply show that he needed physical therapy or something.

I was wrong in the worst possible way. Reilly has a benign brain tumor at the base of his skull. I think someone mentioned it being on his cerebellum, but I'm not sure. I should've paid more attention to the parts of the brain during Psychology 101. Patty thought that he'd already be in surgery, but when we got to the hospital and got upstairs to his floor, we found Reilly in the playroom with Steve, Linds' dad. Reilly was wearing a hospital gown with Looney Toons all over it and he had a bandage on his right hand and wrist. Patty and I said hi to Reilly and Steve then we went to Reilly's room. Robert, Linds, Mom, Dad, and Janice (Linds' mom) were already there. After hugs all around, Mom gave it to me in a nutshell.

The doctor that told them Reilly has a tumor called it a "mass," since most people automatically assume cancer when they hear "tumor," but the doctors think Reilly's is benign. Apparently, it's pressing on his brain and there's also fluid there that shouldn't be there. It was the neurologist who told Robert and Linds, "If you're going to have a brain tumor, this is the best kind to have." He and the neurosurgeon think it can be removed easily and cleanly. Last I heard, the surgery is scheduled for 4 PM today. I'll update when I know more.

A brain tumor, and he isn't even 2 years old yet.
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