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I got a papercut yesterday in the worst possible place (well, worst possible place on my hands) -- the base of my right thumb. Ouch. Just goes to show -- nothing good comes from opening bills. :-)

I have links to two bad things about animals and one cute thing. First, the bad.

A Nebraska man had his six illegal pet bears seized the other day. Why would anyone want to keep an animal (let alone six) that dangerous as a pet? What really blows my mind is that having an illegal wild animal is only a misdemeanor here. The hell?

As if that wasn't enough, a Nebraska couple was found with 50-60 neglected animals at their home. Two horses, a goat, and a cat had to be put to sleep, and I'm sure more are going to follow. What is wrong with people?

After all that, it's time for something cute, courtesy of fantabulous.
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