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I just had to laugh at Bassanio. He was able to look past the facades of the three caskets, but he was unable to recognize his wife when she was dressed as a man. Obviously, he doesn't know her as well as he should.

Speaking of Portia, now there's a heroine. Wise, warm, witty, and wonderful to look at.

I didn't like Jessica at all -- turning her back on her father and her religion just because she's in love. She made it sound like she was converting to Christianity just so she could marry Lorenzo, not because she actually believed. Add to that the fact that she stole a great deal of money from her father and traded away her mother's wedding ring, and I'm convinced she's not one of Shakespeare's better characters.

I was really moved by Antonio, and I don't think it's just because of Jeremy Irons. The whole down-on-his-luck merchant thing reminds me of Beauty's father from "Beauty and the Beast."

I have to get this movie on DVD.
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