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Yeah, yeah, I know, I wasn't online all weekend. Religious and familial events kept me offline.

Out of curiosity and wanting to participate more in my religion, I decided to attend all three Triduum services -- Holy Thursday Mass, Good Friday service, and Easter Mass.

Holy Thursday Mass was good, except that the choir irritated me. See, I sing in the Saturday evening choir, and we're more modern, while the three Sunday choirs are more traditional. So, between the choir being more traditional and one member sounding like she was showing off, I just didn't like them.

Church law required that I fast and abstain from meat. I spent most of the day hungry. Having a Peeps basket of Dove chocolate on my desk for my coworkers to munch on didn't help.

My choir sang during the service (no Mass on Good Friday, ever) and between fasting and all the kneeling, I think my blood sugar dropped. All I know is that I was really shaky when it was my turn to kiss the cross. Plus I was really hot. I think someone didn't think to turn on the AC.

After the service, Mom, Dad, and I went to Applebee's for dinner. The place was packed! I can only assume that that's how it usually is on Friday nights. I thought there'd be fewer people there since it was Good Friday. Just goes to show what I know. The shrimp fettucini alfredo bowl was excellent, btw.

After dinner, we went to Wally World. I got two DVDs -- Anastasia and Memoirs of a Geisha. Mom and I saw Anastasia in the theater when it first came out. I already had it on VHS but I really wanted to see the extras. We wanted to see Memoirs of a Geisha in the theater but didn't get a chance. I've had the book for a while now but haven't had a chance to read it yet. (Boy, does that sound familiar.)

On the way home from Wal-Mart, we were only a few streets from home when we were forced to stop because there was a car in the street that was on fire. No one was still in it, thankfully. The fire was still small when the fire & rescue volunteers arrived. None of them had fire extinguishers with them, but they probably wouldn't have done any good anyway. By the time the fire truck came, the car was engulfed in bright orange flames and the whole area was full of smoke. There was a bang that I think was the gas tank exploding, but I could be wrong. Finally, the firefighters put out the fire and we were able to turn around and go a different way.

I swear, I'm accident-prone. I was trying to eat an orange for breakfast. My excuse for what happened is that I don't eat oranges very often. I tried to peel the dumb thing with this Pampered Chef orange peeler. I must not have been doing it right since the orange squirted me in the face at least twice (damn, those naval oranges are juicy) and I managed to stab myself in the thumb with the pointy part of the peeler. Somehow, I managed not to turn my naval orange into a blood orange before I got a band-aid on. Mom valiantly offered to peel the rest of it for me. Her technique is decidedly simpler -- poke a hole in the peel with your teeth then peel it with your fingers. Finally, the orange was mine! I ate it without further incident, unless you count getting juice all over my fingers.

As usual, we went to the Easter Vigil Mass that evening. I can't remember the last time I went to Mass on Easter morning.

I forgot to get a new outfit for Easter, which is amazing when you consider how much online shopping I do. Mom graciously lent me an outfit she just got from QVC. It was navy blue slacks and a jacket was light blue flowers on a navy blue background. I wore the dragonfly necklace firelion gave me for Christmas and it looked fabulous. :-) Mom wore another new outfit. Anyway, the church looked beautiful. It's amazing what just a couple hundred dollars worth of lillies, hydrangeas, and hyacinths can do. The smell was heavenly (heh) but poor Mom was allergic to some of them and spent most of Mass sniffling. Dad had to lector and Mom was just glad he didn't have to do the reading of the Exodus, aka the "chariots and charioteers" story. Wow, is there a lot of repetition in that story.

Now, I had planned on watching The Passion of the Christ on either Friday or Saturday, but I kept putting it off. By the time we got home from Mass on Saturday, I decided that it was just too intense to see again. Maybe next year.

It was a normal Sunday for most of the day. Mark, Kalob, and Justice came over that night for Easter dinner. Patty didn't come. I don't know why, but I suspect she was mad at somebody, probably Mark. Dinner was good, though I could've done without the ham. I prefer pork. Afer dinner, Dad hid a dozen large-ish plastic eggs for Kalob to find. My little nephew found all twelve, with a little help from his daddy. :-)
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