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More on Patty

It turns out she didn't completely empty her and Mark's joint account. She took out a couple of hundred as a deposit towards scuba (or was it snorkling?) lessons while she was in Hawaii, but she did get the deposit back and then put the money back. Mark says he's going to close the account and divide the cash between them evenly.

Mark did get the engagement ring back. He said Patty cried over it. I don't understand that, since she had promised to give the ring back if this happened, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise. Mom thinks that the reality of this whole thing is finally hitting her. I said it's a little late for that.

Dad is acquainted with a lawyer in our parish who does divorces. He's waiting for a call back from her. Mom said that they'll help with the lawyer fees.

Mark said that he expected them to fight over the kids, so he was prepared for that. He wasn't prepared for them to fight over his X-Box 360. *rolls eyes* Of course she wants it -- she "hardly" plays it, according to Mark, but it's something she bought for him and he plays all the time.
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