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Saw the first part of NCIS's two-part season finale last night. Gibbs woke up from a coma at the end of the episode and now has partial amnesia -- he thinks it's still 1991. I love that show, but why are the writers getting ideas from daytime soaps? Supposedly, the show's creator told one of the main actresses that one of the main characters isn't going to make it to next season, but he wouldn't tell her who. As long as said character is McGee, Jenny, or (even better) Palmer, I'm happy. If it's Gibbs, I'm never going to watch the show again.

According to Dad, the kids loved the Wiggles concert. Kalob and Reilly were dancing and singing. Justice clapped her hands, then fell asleep halfway through. How she could sleep with all that music is beyond me. Dad said he liked it. I'll have to ask Mark and Linds what they thought.

The primary was yesterday. I didn't get to vote, since I'm independent. firelion may shoot me, but I've decided I'm going to switch to Republican. When I first registered ten years ago, I wasn't that into politics. Things have definitely changed.
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