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Comfort Music

Still sick. What else is new?

Anyway, I was thinking yesterday how people turn to comfort food at times like this, then I started thinking how listening to certain CDs makes me feel better.

So ... anyone care to list their Comfort Music?

Here's mine:

U2's "Best of 1990-2000." Specifically "Beautiful Day" and "Mysterious Ways." The only reason I can think of is that they're just really pretty songs.

Pure Moods II. I have Pure Moods I - IV, but II was the first one I bought and it's still my favorite. "Breezin'" is a fun, upbeat tune, and "Montezuma" is a soaring tune that requires the volume to be cranked up a few notches.

Shrek and Shrek II soundtracks. I've listened to both of those a lot lately. I think it's the variety of styles and moods. Happy, sad, apathetic, etc.

I know there's more, but my brain just refuses to work without caffeine.

P.S. There are still 4 quotes left on my movie meme!
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