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What I've been doing the past few days

Friday morning, I called this doc-in-the-box near my house and made an appointment for 4:15 that afternoon. Thankfully, work let me leave early. I got there about ten minutes before the appointment and checked in. The receptionist said they'd call my name soon.

Half an hour went by. I was about to ask if he was running late when a different receptionist (geeze, how many do they need?) asked if I'd been seen yet. I said no. Five minutes pass and I hear them talk about me. Finally, a nurse called my name and apologized, saying they misplaced my file. They were really nice about it, joking that they'd have to give me a cookie so I wouldn't think badly about them.

Still, losing my file for half an hour? Insane. If I were able to talk properly, I probably would've been more vocal about it. But then, if I had been able to talk properly, I wouldn't have been there. As it was, I was just grateful that I was able to get an appointment for that day at all.

Anyway, the nurse checked my weight (about what I was expecting, but still way too much) then my blood pressure (I don't know what the numbers mean, so of course I don't remember what she said it was), and then she tried to check my throat, but I couldn't really say "Ahhhh," so I don't know how much she could see.

She left and then the PA came in. He also apologized about the wait. Then we went over why I was there (laryngitis, ears blocked, and on Thursday I developed some sort of rash on the far corner of my right eye). He checked my throat and my ears. It turns out my ears are full of wax. He was able to get a lot out of my right ear, but the wax in my left ear wouldn't come out. He ended up putting drops in my ear and then stuffing it with a cotton ball, which I was supposed to leave in for two hours.

Then we went over my allergies. I've never been to an allergist, but I'm convinced that I'm allergic to the pollen from the cottonwood trees that grow all over Nebraska. We had a dry spring (what else is new?) and it looks like it'll be a dry summer too, and the cottonwood pollen is freakin' everywhere. You can sometimes see it accumulate on the side of the road, looking for all the world like snow. Fluffy, soft, dry snow, but you get the picture.

The PA thinks, and I agree with him, that my allergies triggered a sinus infection, and draining mucus from my sinuses irritated my larynx to the point where it surrendered. The PA prescribed an anti-biotic to fight the infection, Claritin (sp) OTC to fight the allergies, and a saline nasal spray called Ocean for my very dry nose.

I asked him if I should be completely silent until my voice comes back. He said that there are only theories about how to treat laryngitis. I sat there thinking, "Great, my ailment is in theoretical territory." He recommended no singing (duh), no raising my voice, and no whispering. He's convinced that once my sinus infection goes away, my voice will be fine. He wants to follow up with me on Wednesday if I'm not better by then.

Then came the rash on my eye. He mentioned shingles, then I said that I'd had herpes in the same location twice when I was a kid, though the last time was at least 16 years ago. That confirmed it, the damn infection is back. Except this time, it's on the skin instead of the eye, which is how he described it, which is why he prescribed Valtex instead of eye drops like when I was a kid. He said it was probably caused by stress. Good guess.

After the visit, I went to the Baker's down the road and had the prescriptions filled. The cotton in my ear didn't seem to have attracted too much attention. The pharmacist (actually, I think she was an assistant too) gave me generic versions of Claritin and the antibiotic. Yay for cheaper meds!

While I waited for her to fill the prescriptions, I wandered around the pharmacy area, finding the otc Ocean nasal stuff. I also decided to indulge myself with a book. Most of the paperbacks and all of the on-sale hardcovers didn't interest me, but I did find a paperback anthology about twenty-something women finding love with the help of their grandmothers. I can't remember the title or the author's, but I'll post my review of it when I finish it.

Anyway, the paperback, the nasal spray, and the meds came to a total of $69, and that's with my prescription drug card. Damn, I don't even want to think how much it would've been with the brand-name meds.

I managed to keep myself busy when I got home. Soup and a new book are always helpful. The only problem is that as I read the first story, I kept hearing the heroine's voice as raspy like my own. That was very frustrating, let me tell you.

I was up late that night mainly because of my discomfort so I decided to finally sit down and watch Batman Begins. I had never seen it before.

Since my ears were (and still are) a little blocked, I couldn't catch all of the dialogue. Still I got most of it.

I had been spoiled that Ducard was really Ra's Al Ghul (I got the spelling from IMDB, so blame them if it's off). But you could tell he was bad when he said that Bruce's father was to blame for the deaths (especially since Alfred said that only the shooter was to blame). During that scene where Ducard and Bruce are sparring on the ice, I kept thinking that Ducard was a photo-negative of Liam Neeson's previous character Qui-Gon Jinn of Episode I. Liam Neeson is a great actor, but I definitely prefer him in heroic roles.

I liked that they finally brought the Scarecrow to the big screen, but I kept getting distracted by Cillian Murphy's face. He has a very feminine mouth.

Christian Bale I know best from the 1994 Little Women and the 1999 A Midsummer Night's Dream. I thought he was really good as Bruce Wayne. I haven't decided about his Batman yet. I'll have to see the movie again when I can hear better. I can tell you that his raspy Batman voice reminded me of my own. :-) I did like his costume, but I'm a little confused about the mask. It sounded like the mask was made out of graphite, which I think is the same stuff that pencil leads are made of. Huh? I guess I have to see that scene again.

Loved Alfred. He was the heart and soul of the movie. Also loved Gordon. Casting Oldman was a stroke of genius. Loved it when he drove the Batmobile. Also loved Lucius. And Earle kept bugging me -- I knew I knew the actor, I just couldn't place him. Imagine my embarrassment when the end credits came up and the name Rutger Hauer flashed by. Me, a Ladyhawke and The 10th Kingdom fan, and I didn't even recognize him. It must've been the glasses.

I liked the character of Rachel Dawes, but I think a different actress would've been better. I've never seen Katie Holmes in anything else, but she acted and sounded too young to be an assistant DA.

I like the batmobile. Definitely meant for urban warfare. I just don't understand why Batman lays down at one point while he's driving it.

It looks like the writer(s) borrowed a couple of things from previous Batman movies. Bruce's enemies invading Wayne Manor? Two-Face and the Riddler did that in Batman Forever. An airborne drug poisoning the city? Joker did that in the original Batman. I'm sure there'll be a sequel, so I hope it has more original plot points.

Speaking of Wayne Manor, I can't believe the writers decided to burn it. I mean, it's Wayne Manor. It's an institution. But then, if the Xavier Institute can be invaded, then Wayne Manor can be razed.

All things considered, I definitely want to get this movie on DVD ... but I think I'll get a used copy instead of a new one.

I spent most of the day pushing fluids and reading my new book. I did manage to get to Mass (but no singing). I got more sympathy from my parents after I'd been to the PA. After Mass, I went to the Bullseye to get a gift for Mark's best friend Cullum's wedding. I bought a gift card that was red with white butterflies, a very pretty card with glittery dragonflies, a small gift bag, stickers to decorate the bag, and tiny rhinestone stickers to decorate the card envelope. I think I spent almost as much on the card, bag, and stuff as I did on the gift card itself.

I had planned on going to Cullum & Alisa's wedding, but my voice was (is) still hoarse, and I didn't think explaining to everyone I met that I have laryngitis would make for a good time.

Still, besides missing out on the wedding of two people I consider friends, I missed out on something veddy, veddy interesting -- an appearance by my estranged sister-in-law.

Before Mark and Patty broke up, Mark was going to be Cullum's best man and Patty was going to be one of Alisa's bridesmaids. After they broke up, Mark was still Cullum's best man and, as far as I know, Patty had been disinvited completely. Maybe not, since Patty did show up for the wedding and the reception, though she was not a bridesmaid. She shared a table with Mom, Dad, her brother Charles, Charles' girlfriend, Kalob, and Justice. According to Mom, Patty didn't seem the least bit remorseful that she wasn't participating in the wedding.

Mom said that even though the kids were with Patty, it was Mom and Dad who watched them during the reception. That so doesn't surprise me.

So, while Mom and Dad had a fancy dinner (they showed me the menu), I spent the afternoon and evening recuperating. Fun, huh?

After I got home from work last night, I mostly read and recuperated. That seems to be the theme of the past few days.
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