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David Plotz has been Blogging the Bible for Slate, and it has to be one of the best columns on the site (and that's saying a lot). He's already covered Genesis and now he's on Exodus. Since he's Jewish, I doubt he'll do the New Testament, but he did go to a Christian high school, so he might.

One of my favorite parts from the Genesis section is about God looking for the hiding Adam and Eve after they eat the apple:

This isn't, incidentally, the mighty and distant God of Chapter 1, who shaped the universe and poured the ocean. Instead, this is an exasperated, down-to-earth deity, peevish at being forced to hunt through the Garden of Eden to find His wayward children—more like a frustrated dad who lost his kids at the mall than like God on High.

His last update was yesterday, which was also the first day I started reading the blog. I'm sure he'll update again soon.
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