Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

I was an occasional tea drinker before my allergies decided to wage their latest war on my sinuses. Since last Wednesday (with the exception of yesterday), I have been drinking several cups a tea a day. Mostly at work, because once I get home, I've had so much tea that I'm sick of it.

My favorite tea brand is Celestial Seasonings. My favorite CS tea is Tension Tamer (the one with the dragon on the cover *g*). I just started drinking Mandarin Orange Spice today, and it's definitely my second favorite. Much better than the orange Lipton tea my parents drink.

Tension Tamer was the first CS tea I've had. My RA at Nebraska Wesleyan suggested it. I ended up flunking out of that school (couldn't cope with living on my own in a dorm), but Tension Tamer definitely stayed with me.

Of course, this is the worst time of the year to be drinking hot tea. It's been in the high 80s and low to mid 90s all week. Today, it's 96°. I don't think the AC is working today, so I'm definitely feeling the affects of the tea. After spending the morning drinking tea, I had to move everything in my desk to a new desk, so half-way through that I was dripping sweat. Not good. Now I'm alternating between Mandarin Orange Spice and Welch's Grape soda.
Tags: dragons, sick
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