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Vacation progress report

My vacation is going well, I guess. I haven't been very productive as far as house cleaning and writing go, but I'm definitely getting my fill of TV and DVDs.

I got to see two of my TV boyfriends, Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs and Alton Brown of Good Eats yesterday. I love holidays -- marathons and specials abound.

Discovery had a Dirty Jobs marathon, which is always great because I can laugh at episodes I've already seen and ones that are new to me.

I'm so excited -- Mike Rowe is hosting Discovery Channel's Shark Week this year. It goes from Sunday, July 30th to Friday, August 4th. I think it was last year that two of my other TV boyfriends, MythBusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, hosted it. $5 says that next year, it'll be the American Chopper crew's turn. I can just see them building a shark bike.

I find it ironic that I love watching Good Eats and Iron Chef America, even though I do very, very little cooking myself. (Heck, the only "cooking" I really do these days would be nuking something frozen, heating something from a can, or boiling eggs.) I'm just fascinated by other people cooking. I mean, my favorite The Cat Who book is The Cat Who Said Cheese, which is about food and cooking.

Alton's going on a road trip -- he's got a new show starting July 29th called Feasting on Asphalt. I hope it doesn't overlap with Shark Week too much, since I don't have TiVo.

Oh, almost forgot to add that I have a new commercial I absolutely hate. It's for the Bedazzler and the spokeswoman for it, this woman named Tana, gets on my nerves. Mostly, it's her voice. I can't really explain it, you'd have to see the commercial to understand. One of the channels I watched yesterday seemed to show this damn commerical during every commerical break. Oh, I want to just turn the channel every time she comes on the screen.
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