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The ever-so-awesome firelion strikes again!

That surprise she's been torturing me with lately? It came yesterday.

She did a custom Labyrinth My Little Pony just for me!!!

She had said that the surprise would come yesterday. When I got home from work, I saw a small box on the bench by the front door. I wondered what Labyrinth-related thing could be so small. I took the box inside and opened it. Under the bubble wrap, I saw something in a plastic bag, and the something had a lot of hair. Then I saw it was a My Little Pony! The pony's body looked black until I took it out of the bag, then I saw it's actually dark blue. And it glitters! Her mane and tail are pale blonde with blue streaks. One eye is pale blue and the other is brown, and she's wearing eye-shadow.

Heck, I can't do her justice. Here's the pics.

"As The World Falls Down" right (display) side. You can see her blue eye and her maze design.

"As The World Falls Down" left (non-display) side. You can see her brown eye and Jareth's pendant on her foot.

Isn't she just the coolest thing on four legs? :-)
Tags: labyrinth, melissa
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