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Today was the annual Williamson Family Apple Outing. Mom, Dad, Robert, Lindsey, Reilly, Breanna, Lindsey's parents, Lindsey's sister, Mark, Patty, Kalob, Justice, and I went down to Nebraska City. The place had a decided picked-over feeling (we usually go much earlier in October), but we still had fun. On the way over, I got hit with a strong feeling of loneliness and I wished I had someone to go with me. You'd think I'd get this feeling during the holiday dinners, but I don't, just during the Outing. Weird, huh? Maybe next year.

I finished reading Witchling today. Definitely not a romance novel, since the heroine doesn't make up her mind between two men. But as a fantasy novel, it's good. It's the first part of a trilogy. Unfortunately, the second part doesn't come out until next July.

Lindsey invited me to see The Prestige. I don't know when we're going, but I can't wait to see it.