Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

Sting and the Encounter with Wildlife

On the way home from work last night, Dad and I were talking about Sting and I mentioned that he has a new CD coming out called "Songs from the Labyrinth." I told him that all the songs on it are from centuries ago. Dad's response?

"I thought it would be a CD of Bowie songs."

My Labygeek side took over and all I could do was laugh delightedly.

When we got closer to the house, we could see there was an animal at the end of the driveway, eating the grass. We thought it was a cat until it saw us and ran across the street. That's when we realized it was an opossum. You know, white face, gray fuzzy body, naked pink tail. Mom had had a similar close encounter several years ago and described it as being the size of a housecat. I agree, but I'll amend it to a fat housecat. Before this, I've only seen opossum roadkill.

So, my Nebraska (live) wildlife tally stands at countless rabbits, squirrels, and various small birds; dozens of deer, Canadian geese, and hawks; two foxes, two pheasants, one raccoon, and one opossum.
Tags: labyrinth, music
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