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A good anniversary, Ugly Glomitts, and the Battle of the Bulging Hampers

A year ago today, we found out that Reilly had a benign brain tumor and a year ago tomorrow, it was removed. Now, the only way you can tell Reilly ever had a tumor is the thin scar on the back of his head. He's a healthy, happy little boy who, understandably, doesn't like hospitals.

I'm not very fashionable, though I am getting better at that. However, when it's bloody cold out, I don't give a fig about fashion. That explains my love for my Ugly Shirt and Ugly Glomitts. The Ugly Shirt I stole from an unknown male member of my family (I think it was my father) a few years ago. It's dark red, black, and tan plaid, very baggy, completely unflattering, but since it's also 100% cotton, it's the softest and warmest (sometimes too warm) shirt I have. The Ugly Glomitts are an early Christmas present I just got today from my parents. They're brown camoflage-patterned wool, far from fashionable, and don't go with any of my coats, but they're warm. Since my hands are often cold, warmth is now more important to me than cute, but not insulated, gloves.

Our washing machine is finally going to be fixed tomorrow. That's definitely good news, since the dirty laundry has already captured all the hampers and several laundy baskets and is now fighting for control of the floors.
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