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*sings* Monday, Monday...

I've had better weekends.

My relations have me hooked on a card game called Phase 10. Unfortunately, I still have a lot to learn, as they constantly remind me. I want to tell them, "It's only a game. Lighten up."

Confession time: I'm a closet professional wrestling fan. Sad, huh? :-) No, what's really sad is that I willingly paid $30 for last night's pay-per-view event, WWE Survivor Series. I wouldn't have minded if the two matches I wanted to see had turned out better. Oh well. I taped it, so I can watch my guys lose over and over again...

I hardly got any sleep last night. First I was too wired (note to self: don't drink Barq's root beer just before bed), then I was too hot, then just as I was falling asleep, a thunderstorm rolled in.

Patty's 21st birthday is tomorrow but we're celebrating it today. In my family, the birthday person decides where we go out for dinner. Patty decided on Olive Garden. I always get the chicken alfredo there. It's excellent.
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