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Two days ago, the UPS guy dropped off a large box. Inside were six bottles of wine -- three red and three white. The wines were a gift from Aunt Penny, Dad's sister.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I hardly ever drink alcohol. Mainly, I don't like the taste of it. I do like Strawberry Daiquiris (sp), but that's about it. I'd be just as happy with a Shirley Temple.

Still, I'm curious about this wine. The packing list says that the three reds are an '04 Merlot, an '03 Pinot Noir, and an '02 Cabernet Saugivnon. The three whites are an '04 Riesling, an '04 Chardonnay, and one from '04 that I don't recognize. When Mom and Dad start opening these bottles, I definitely want to try them. Maybe then I'll find a wine I actually like.

Thanks, Aunt 1¢!
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