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Am I ever going to get a full night's sleep this week?

I had an eventful evening.

We went to Olive Garden, as planned. Dinner was great. Robert was supposed to have dinner there with us but he spent so much time looking for his wallet (which has been missing since Thursday) that by the time he got there, he only had a few minutes until he had to go pick up Lindsey.

After dinner, we went to Patty's mom's house for presents and cake. Make that just presents. Patty started having strong contractions while she was opening her presents. Finally, after all the presents were opened, Mark and her mom took her to the hospital. The rest of us went home and waited for news. We finally went to bed after eleven. Apparently, the doctors stopped the contractions and sent Patty home at some point in the night because she and Mark were asleep when I woke up this morning.

So, my nephew is still coming, but he's not here yet. I'm thinking of starting a baby pool. My guess is that he'll be born within the next week.
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