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Finally got to watch my Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest DVD. Love the extras, though I miss the "diary of a pirate" extra from the first movie. Why couldn't Lee Erenberg (Pintel) do another one? *pouts* Oh well, at least it was cool watching Jack Davenport (Norrington) swordfight.

I was bored to death at work on Tuesday, so I decided to spend some of my gift certificates. At Amazon, I ordered two DVDs, a CD, and a book. They arrived today.

The DVDs are The Merchant of Venice and Sci-Fi's Hercules.

The book is The Tough Guide To Fantasy.

And the CD is "Pachelbel's Greatest Hit: The Ultimate Canon."

I'm listening to the CD now. It's great hearing so many version of my favorite classical piece. Of course, some of these are better than others. I could so do without "How, Where, When? (Canon in D)," which adds lyrics, and the Canadian Brass' version, but the rest are very good.
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