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June 18th, 2003

Dang, it's early

I'll say this right now -- I'm not a morning person. On my days off, unless I absolutely need to get up earlier, I usually don't get up before 10:00 am. I'm definitely an afternoon/night person. I've found my most creative time to be late morning - early evening. My creative side is still asleep till around 10:30 am, and any creative writing I do late at night is bound to be garbage. Naturally, there are exceptions to that, but that's pretty rare.

I saw a rainbow this morning. :-) I'm the type of person who gets excited over rainbows, rabbits, and robins. I take it you want me to expand on that statement.

I lived in Hawaii for four years, and since it rains there almost every day, there are a lot of rainbows. Here in Nebraska, we hardly see them, despite how often it rains. I like rainbows for three reasons. One, I love fantasy, and rainbows always seem to be a part of that. Two, I'm Catholic, and I was taught that a rainbow is God's promise that He won't destroy the Earth by flood again. Very reassuring. Three, I simply think rainbows are very pretty.

I know this sounds crazy, but my dad and I like to count the rabbits we see on the way to work. I live about 45 minutes away from work, and the most rabbits we've seen in one morning is 14. Today, we saw one, and yesterday, we saw four. The average is about three. We also like to look for Canadian geese and black squirrels, but that's another story. I adore rabbits. They're just so cute and cuddly. Mom likes them as long as they stay away from the garden.

I love seeing the first robin of the season. From what I understand, the birds around here that are called robins are actually thrushes, but no matter. They migrate and are some of the first birds to come back in the spring.

I think that's enough quirks for now. :-)

All the news that's fit to type

I've decided to give my lj a little feature to make it slightly less boring. I took a couple of years of Journalism in high school and the urge to report has never really gone away. So, I'll be adding news snippets that interest/involve me.

Latest News
Personal: Not much to say. I am working on an HPfic. More about my obsessions later.

Family: Mark and Patty still aren't specific about when they want to get married beyond saying they want the date to be sometime next month.

Local: The College World Series it still going on, with games 11 and 12, I believe, today. This has to be Omaha's main tourist event. The main tourist attraction in Nebraska, the Henry Doorly Zoo, is in Omaha, right next to Rosenblatt Stadium, where the CWS is currently going on. Coincidence?

National: There's a riot going on in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The residents are complaining about police harassment. Does that sound familiar to anyone else?

International: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out in a little over 2 days and 13 hours, according to the-leaky-cauldron.org. I can't wait, how 'bout you?


I'll admit it, I'm a fanfic addict. "What's fanfic?" you ask. "Fanfic" is short for "fanfiction," which means stories, poems, etc. written by fans of a book, movie, etc. that are about that world and its characters. For example, I once wrote a story based on the movie Labyrinth that had the villain, Jareth the Goblin King, fall for a character I created.

I like writing fanfic because it gives me a chance to hone my writing skills and I love certain characters and want to see more happen with them. I love reading fanfic because it gives me a chance to spend more time with my favorite characters and see what other writers do with them.

I've started a handful of Labyrinth stories (and actually finished one). I started one Harry Potter fic that I may or may not finish. I'm currently doing research for a different one, and I have story ideas to spare. What can I say, plot bunnies like me.

Speaking of plot bunnies, I'm putting together a list of frequently used fanfic terms. I'll probably post it tomorrow.

The best place to find fanfiction, IMHO, is Fanfiction.net, probably the largest general fanfiction archive on the Internet. The quality of the stories there varies from "Who let this person pass English?" to "Why isn't this person a professional writer?" Most of them are somewhere in between. Mine certainly are. FF.net (as I tend to call it) has categories for just about every book, movie, TV show, etc. you can think of. As far as I know, the largest category there is for Harry Potter fanfiction, with over 75,000 entries.

If you're looking for other fanfic sites, a great place to search is Webring.

Not all authors approve of fanfic. Anne Rice is probably the most famous of the ones that don't. She forbade all fanfic based on her books, though she does allow fanart, which is artwork done by fans that is based on their favorite books, movies, etc. Why she allows one and not the other is beyond me. JK Rowling is okay with Harry Potter fanfic as long is is neither offensive nor commercial. I once heard that she's amazed that fans are interested enough in her characters to write their own stories about them.