June 19th, 2003


Thank God I'm off today

Latest News
Personal: Went to the dentist. Need fillings. Not happy.

Family: Robert's been reading this book on pregnancy. He says his and Lindsey's baby is the size of "a medium green olive" right now. Last week, it was the size of a pinto bean. He's so excited about his first baby. It's just so cute to see.

Local: Game 13 of the CWS today. At least the weather is relatively decent.

National: JK Rowling is suing a New York City newspaper for printing unauthorized excerpts from OOTP. She wants $100 million. Overreacting? I don't think so.

International: Speaking of OOTP, did you hear about the 7,000 stolen copies? A guy in England made off with a van full of books. Oh, and OOTP comes out in 1 day, 13 hours, 31 minutes, and 30 seconds, but I bet you knew that. :-)
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