June 23rd, 2003


I don't do Mondays

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Personal: Still reading OOTP. I'm now on ch 23. Yeah, I'm a slow reader. And man, is this book heavy.

Family: Mark and Patty finally set a date. Apparently, it's July 25, which is actually a Friday. I must've misunderstood and they're planning it for July 26. Whichever.

Local: The CWS is winding down, thank God. Maybe now the local newscasters will find something else to talk about. Oh, one Nebraska town west of us was hit by no less than four tornadoes last night. One person died, the first tornado fatality we've had in like a decade. Also, there's a woman in Palmyra, NE who wants to recall a local politican because he traps and kills cats. I'm a big cat lover and I cannot believe someone can be that sick.

National: The Hulk was the number one movie over the weekend. No surprise there, and no, I'm not going to see it. I'll wait till it's out on DVD. Also, I heard on the news this morning that this girl's neighbor complained that this girl didn't have a permit to have a lemonade stand. We're talking about an elementary school kid trying to make some spending money, not an adult who owns a bar. Anyway, the kid was given a temporary business license, but was it really necessary? Common sense says no. Then again, common sense is getting rarer and rarer every day.

International: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is breaking international sales records left and right. Don't you love being part of the majority? :-)
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Two more days then I can enjoy my four-day weekend

Yep, I still haven't finished OOTP. I'm on chapter 32. I'm hating Umbridge more and more with every page I turn, but I'm supposed to. I'm hoping her tyranny will meet a spectacular end, preferrably by McGonagall. Ooo, you should see how the twins drop of out school, it's great.

I still feel like I'm missing some entries for FUFT™. I need suggestions, people. The only person to suggest entries is firelion. She and I can't be the only fanfic readers out there.
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