June 26th, 2003


I get paid tonight! *cheers*

I'm such a fangirl. I was at Target today and I saw a TTT Aragorn action figure for $6.99, so of course I bought it. *rolls eyes* It only slightly resembles him, but that's enough for me. Sad, huh? And now I've got a candid pic of Viggo on my desktop. Isn't he gorgeous?

You know what I'd like to see? A HP/LOTR crossover where Aragorn falls for Hermione. Arwen who? If you know of one, tell me.

Also bought "The Very Best Of Cher" CD. I swear, she sounds like a man sometimes, especially during the duet "After All" she sang with Peter Cetera. Still, "Believe" and "Song For The Lonely" are great.

Alivan's said my wand should come on Tuesday. *boogies*
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I'm bored. You know what that means.

It's Quizilla time yet again.

Strider, or Aragorn decendant of Isildur, heir to
the throne of Gondor. The ultimate rebel, he
hates his heritage and continually denies it.
(For you dumb people, his ancesstor was the man
who stopped Sauron the first time.) He's
extremely hot and oh so mysterious, it's too bad
his heart is already taken by none other than
elf princess Arwen, but still a great choice
even though he's taken.

Is Frodo, Merry/Pippin, Sam, Strider, Gandalf, Legolas, or Gimli Your Lord of the Rings Soulmate?
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Bah, I'd make him forget Arwen. Can you tell I'm obsessed with this character? :-)


What's YOUR sexual fetish?
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Honestly, this should be a surprise to no one.
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    Song For The Lonely by Cher
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