July 20th, 2003


Just another manic Sunday

I've definitely had better days. Mom's having a Bunko (dice game like Yahtzee) party here tonight, so everything's chaotic. Late this morning, Mom and Dad went to the grocery store while I stayed home to vacuum and clean the main bathroom like Mom asked me to.

Well, I had just finished when I heard the garage door open. I was standing in the family room to say hi to my parents. What's the first thing to come out of my father's mouth? "Okay, Tara, it's time to start working." Oh, I was livid. I told him, "I just finished!" He quickly apologized, then I said that I didn't like his assumption that I hadn't done anything while they were gone. He apologized for that too, but I was still mad. I swear, my dad can be a real ass sometimes.

My brothers and their better halves came over for lunch. Mom showed Lindsey and Patty the baby clothes we bought yesterday and the car seats we bought last weekend. It amazes me that it took six adults to figure out how to work one car seat. Lindsey took one of the little "My First Dolls" I bought and put it in the car seat and pretended that it was the baby. Cute.

Ugh, I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. Friday afternoon, they told me I'll be primarily taking calls on the other account I'm on all this week. I'm not exactly comfortable with the account yet, but I don't really have a choice. When they say they want me to do the other account, I can turn them down, but it looks a lot better if I don't. They'll send me back to my primary account if it gets busy. Let's hope it does.
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