December 12th, 2003


The wheels on the cars go round and round ... usually.

Last night after work, Mom and I went to Target to do some definitely needed shopping. My team is having an informal holiday party after work tonight, so I bought this cute Green M&M plush that came with a little bag of M&Ms, a little silver tea light candle holder that has clear glass drops on it (guess what it reminds me of *g*), and jasmine-scented white tea light candles to go in it. Also, one of the women on my team is having a baby. I missed her baby shower, so I bought her a set of stacking rings. Then one of the other women on my team is leaving next week, so I bought her a red chenille teddy bear to remind her of Nebraska (Go, Big Red!) and a set of three tins of cocoa mix. I also bought Christmas and birthday cards for Rachel.

After Target, we went to Albertson's, which is next door. I bought some frosted sugar cookies for tonight's party, Star, The National Enquirer, and People. What can I say, I have a weakness for tabloids. Haven't had a chance to read them yet.

While I was in Albertson's, Mom was in the car. My dad called her on her cell and said that Mark and Patty had gotten a flat tire at the airport. They had dropped off Patty's sister-in-law Christie and Patty's niece, Rosalyn, who are spending a week in Las Vegas. Anyway, after Albertson's we went to Burger King and got dinner for all five of us then went home. Mark and Patty got back a little after we did. Dad thinks Mark's tire might be repairable. He's taking it to one of the local tire stores today.

So, Mark got a flat tire about 7:30 PM last night. A little less than twelve hours later, my dad and I were on the way to work when the front passenger tire went flat. We thought when it first happened that all the bumpiness and rattling was caused by the ice we were driving on. Wrong. Dad realized the tire was flat just before we could smell buring rubber. Thankfully, we were able to pull into a housing area and pull into a cul-de-sac without causing an accident. Dad changed the tire without any problems. I helped, if you can call holding the lug nuts helping. :-) Dad thinks the tire blew because it was too old.

I got to work about 45 minutes later than usual, but I always get to work really early, so I still wasn't late today. Dad probably will be, but at least he has a good excuse. And now he has two tires to take care of.

Let's hope this is the only unplanned thing to happen today.
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