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December 14th, 2003

I know I should be in bed...

... But I've got too much to share.

First, everybody say hi to the newest member of my friends list, danalas, who goes by many names, but I'll just call her LeAnn. She, Norma (unicornlady), Allie (firelion), Rachel (who needs to get an lj), and I all met on the same Labyrinth mailing list.

Friday: Work stuffCollapse )

Saturday (I'd say today but it's now really Sunday): My alarm woke me up at noon. It's a good thing I set it, or I probably would've slept the day away again. Anyway, I had breakfast, hung out online, and talked to Rachel over the phone. She's seen Love, Actually and thinks it's great. I so want to see that movie, but ROTK is a higher priority.

Anyway, I went to Mass (still no singing for this ailing little choir member) then came home and had dinner with the family. Patty's still pregnant, and now Mom thinks Kalob's actually going to wait till his due date, the 23rd. We shall see.

JK Rowling chat!Collapse )

Thank you, Mr. President!

And an even bigger thank you to the soldiers for bringing in Saddam alive. Now he can stand trial.

I hope Osama's next.

Caution: Updates ahead.

I've learned how to cut and change the privacy options this weekend, so I'm going to try to reorganize.