December 18th, 2003


Hurry up and wait

Yesterday was Robert's 23rd birthday. He, Lindsey, her parents, her sister, Mom, Dad, Mark, Patty, and I went to Carlos O'Kelly's for dinner last night. It's a pretty good Mexican restaurant chain. Of course, I had the chicken fingers basket. :-) Robert sat across from me and kept stealing my French fries. I guess being a year older didn't make him any more mature.

After dinner, we went back to Robert and Lindsey's apartment for cake and presents. Their two cats, Sandy and Valentine, were there waiting for us. After petting both and holding Valentine (thereby getting fur all over my shirt), I sat back and watched as Robert opened his gifts: an Irish sweater, black dockers, a Will Ferrell DVD, a documentary about the Mafia on DVD, and Spongebob Squarepants boxers. I gave him a plush Gary the Snail from Spongebob. He even meows and he'll go well with the plush Spongebob and Patrick I've already given Robert.

Patty started having contractions again, for the umpteenth time. Mark raced her to the hospital. Of course, the doctor stopped the contractions and sent her home again. I think Kalob wanted to be the center of attention again.

I'm bored. Can you tell?

I've changed the style of my lj from the default to the one called Punquin Elegant W/ Sidebar, so now it's the same as Allie (firelion)'s and a few others. But, not too many people I know used the default, so mine looked somewhat unique. So, should I keep it like this or change it back to the default? I'd love people's opinions on this.
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