December 26th, 2003


My birthday/Christmas haul

From Mom and Dad: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended Edition Collector's Set. Haven't taken the time to see it yet.

From Robert and Lindsey: A Tinkerbell sweatshirt they got from the Disney Store. I plan on wearing it to work next week.

From Mark and Patty: A foil-accented map of Middle-Earth poster. Have to get it framed, then it's going right on my wall.

From Aunt Lu (Mom's younger sister, who lives in upstate New York): A $25 Wal-Mart gift card.

From Mom and Dad: A rosary bracelet, three Catholic reference books, the Three Wise Men and the innkeeper's three cats for my Fontanini nativity set, George Michael's "Faith" CD, Hello, Dolly! DVD, Disney's Three Musketeers DVD, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir DVD, Best In Show DVD. And a partridge in a pear tree. Kidding. :-)

From Mark and Patty: An action figure set -- the four Fellowship hobbits plus Bilbo. Only Sam and Merry look like the actors, but they're still cool. Also, a glass owl with a little mirror base. Cute.

From Laurie (Patty's mom): Another LOTR action figure -- Gollum, with a rocky-looking base that says, "My precioussss..." really loudly when you press the button. Unusual, but cool.

From Robert and Lindsey: The One Ring, which Robert didn't order until Christmas Day. *rolls eyes* I won't be getting it until around Mark's birthday, January 7th.

From Aunt Lu: Another $25 Wal-Mart gift card. They're burning a hole in my pocket, I'm telling you.

From Aunt Penny (Dad's younger sister, who lives in Arizona): A t-shirt that says, "Bob's daughter." She gave the same one to Patty. Mark got "Bob's son," Mom and Lindsey got "Bob's wife," Kalob got "Bob's grandson" (but it's not even close to being his size), Robert got "Robertology: the study of Bob," and Dad got "Bob: The Man, The Myth, The Legend." *rolls eyes* Penny has a strange sense of humor. Fortunately, she's also pretty generous -- she gave me a $250 check. Too bad it all went to my credit card bill.

I think that's it.