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January 19th, 2005

I'm bored, can you tell?

You know you're addicted to fanfic when...

You rate books/movies/TV shows by their fanfic potential.

You finish a new book or see a new movie/TV show and immediately start looking for its fanfic.

You visit Fanfiction.net daily, if not hourly.

You have a separate folder for fanfic sites in your Favorite Places.

Feel free to add to this list. :-)


To help me understand ALW's POTO better, I started reading Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera online yesterday. I'm on Chapter Three right now.

Some of the writing seems a little odd. I don't know if that's because the book was written in 1911, it was originally written in another language and later translated to English, or if it's just Leroux's style. Instead of emphasizing words with italic or bold type, he used ALL CAPS. It just looks amateurish to this modern reader. Also, Leroux occassionally interrupts the action to lay down facts. Essentially, he's putting author's notes in the middle of the story. I mean, I'd expect stuff like this from an inexperienced fanfic author, but not from a paid writer.

I guess he wrote that way because he used to be a journalist, and I can so see a late 19th-early 20th century reporter using stuff like ALL CAPS, especially if it's for a sensational story like the kind Leroux apparently wrote. And since he insists at the beginning of the novel that the Phantom was a real person, it looks like he wrote his story more like a newspaper report. Whatever. Someone really needed to tell him about narrative vs. journalistic style.