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March 8th, 2005

Computer problems

On Saturday (or was it Friday?) night, something happened to my Internet Explorer file. I couldn't fix it, so on Sunday I had to do the HP recovery thing. Which means I had to wipe out my entire hard drive and start over. I was able to get most of everything back. But, and here's the kicker, I haven't been able to download MSN Messenger yet. I have AIM, though, so if anyone is desperate to contact me in the evenings, my AIM sn is tarathegq.

Found on customers_suck

A Prayer for the Stressed ........
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I cannot accept,
And the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people
I had to kill today because they pissed me off.

And also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today
As they may be connected to the ass I have to kiss tomorrow.

Help me to always give 100% at work ... 12% on Monday,
23% on Tuesday, 40% on Wednesday, 20% on Thursday,
5% on Fridays and help me to remember ....

When I'm having a really bad day,
And it seems that people are just trying to piss me off,
That it takes 42 muscles to frown
And only 4 to extend my middle finger and tell them to bite me.