September 14th, 2005


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Saw Bones last night. We had dinner late, so I taped it because I knew I'd miss the beginning. All and all, I've only seen about half an hour straight and bits and pieces of the rest. I'll probably watch the whole thing tonight.

I think the show's creators want it to be part X-Files and part CSI. I loved David Boreanaz in Angel and Buffy, but on this show I'll have to get used to him playing a human instead of a vampire. Fortunately, he's still got the redemption gig -- his FBI character used to be an Army sniper, and wants to put away one murderer for each person he had killed in his old job. It was weird to see him walking around in the daylight and having a 5 o'clock shadow. :-) Emily Deschanel (sp) is the female lead, Dr. Temperance "Don't Call Me 'Bones'" Brennan (sp). I'm unfamiliar with the actress, but the character is too unrealistic -- martial arts expert, expert shot, a scientist, ignorant of popular culture, and hopeless when it comes to relating to people. A poster at the Television Without Pity Bones forum called her a Mary Sue, and I think that's exactly what she is. The problem is, she's not an entertaining Mary Sue.

According to other posters at the forum, there are a lot of nitpicks. The one I could see happened in the beginning of the show. Temperance arrived at Dulles International Airport in DC (it turns out Reagan National Airport is where the scene was actually filmed) from a trip to Guatemala. Yet, the security officer said that the only ID she had on her was a cafeteria pass. Um, if she had taken a trip to Guatemala, she'd need a government-issued picture ID and a passport (maybe a visa too). She never could've left Washington without those.

Fortunately, this is only the pilot. Given time, the show should improve. Of course, if it doesn't, there's always NCIS, which is on at the same time.
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