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December 23rd, 2005

Birthday Haul!

PBS/BBC's In Search Of Myths & Heroes DVD and book set from Mom and Dad
If you're a fan of ancient myths and history, you'll love this.

Nene Thomas "Gathering Storm" fairy polyester fleece blanket from Mark and Patty
Soft as a kitten's armpit, as they say.

Gray t-shirt with Jareth's picture and the words, "Everything you wanted I have done" in gold from Robert and Lindsey
Finally, a Labyrinth t-shirt!

And firelion's gift arrived today! A sterling silver moonstone dragonfly pendant (Gorgeous! I'm wearing it now.) and a CD called "Phantasia." It's music from ALW's Phantom of the Opera with a violin and a cello taking over Christine and Erik's parts. Have I mentioned how much I love POTO and violin music?