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June 15th, 2006

I found an email in my box this morning alerting me that someone had commented on a post I did last December. Apparently, the commenter works for the elementary school I attended in Hawaii and she's looking for alumni to leave messages in the school's blog.

Strangers commenting on random entries out of the blue is always a little disconcerting, however good their intentions are. I mean, I know most of my posts are open to the public, as is commenting on them, but you never expect the general public to respond.

Then again, I did get a comment from Frederic Clement totally out of the blue back in January. That totally made my month. Speaking of Clement, I wonder what POTO would have been like if he had written it instead of Leroux.

Hopefully, I'll have my POTO Chapter 1 post up soon. I just have to finish reading the chapter.

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