June 27th, 2006


My time in the Labyrinth

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Labyrinth's debut in U.S. theaters, I want to describe Labyrinth's (and Jareth's) affect on my life.

I didn't see the movie when it first came out. On June 27, 1986, I was 8 years old and getting ready to move to Hawaii with my parents and younger brothers. My parents were far too busy getting ready for the move to take us to the movies.

I didn't even hear of Labyrinth until one of my JROTC classmates (Brad F. to be precise) brought it in for a JROTC lock-in. That was during either my freshman or sophomore year. I think the lock-ins were in the winter, so it was either the winter of '92-'93 or the winter of '93-'94. Anyway, my attention wasn't focused on the movie during most of it. Too many distractions.

However, what did grab my attention was Jareth's famous line, "Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave." It just blew me away.

A few years later, probably around '97, I taped the movie off HBO, but one of my brothers taped over the end credits. I ended up taping the movie again maybe a year later off the Disney Channel.

I just fell in love with the movie. And with Jareth. He's an amazing character, and both he and the movie as a whole have more depth than you'd normally find in a "children's" movie.

In 1998, I was still new to the Internet. One of the first things I did was to look for Labyrinth sites. From there, I found Labyfic. I was hooked. Here were fans like me, doing amazing things with the Labyrinth characters. I wanted more and more and more.

So, naturally, I joined the Labyrinth Fanfic List in 1998. I was the greenest of newbies. I won't even go into some of the silly things I posted to the list. The list is where I met my best friend firelion and my friends Rachel (who needs an lj, dammit), danalas, and unicornlady. Plus lots of other Listians I've known over the years.

I did end up writing a few Labyfics, the best ones being No One Can Blame You (a Jareth/other) and A Day In The Life Of Jareth, a humorfic I co-wrote with Rachel. But, I have to say that my greatest contribution to the List was co-creating the Green Awards for Labyrinth Fanfiction. Allie and I based them on the Oscars and MTV's Movie Awards. They lasted five or six years until the list basically died and I knew it wasn't worth the effort anymore.

The first Listian I met in real life was Rachel in April, 2002. I spent a week with her that, as it turns out, was the hottest week in April that Connecticut has ever seen. I believe it. (That's when Rachel and I planned out "A Day In The Life Of Jareth.") In July of 2004, I spent a week with birthday girl firelion and khendros. It was my way of making it up for not being at their wedding the November before.

If it weren't for Labyrinth, I probably never would've met any of my Listian friends, I might never have joined livejournal, and while I probably would've found fanfiction eventually, I might never have started writing my own. Also, I might never have gotten interested in Harry Potter, since it was Rachel who convinced me to read SS.

So, thank you, Jim Henson, for making such a wonderful movie. I only wish you could see how popular it is now.