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August 18th, 2006

Good news and bad news

Good news: I found out last week that I'm getting a raise, effective 8-07-06.

Bad news: Got my paycheck today -- no raise. My boss is out today and it looks like the HR person is also out today.

Somebody had better cough up the rest of my paycheck before the next one or there'll be hell to pay.

Arr, matey!

It's official -- I'm going to be a pirate wench for Halloween. Just bought a costume and accessories at BuyCostumes. I didn't like any of the actual pirate wench costumes, so I bought a tavern wench one, a cutlass, a pistol, a pirate wench wig, and a pirate wench hat.


Well, through the use of a wardrobe, two of Jareth's Goblins and some floo powder, I made it to Ari's house. -- smolder

Referencing Narnia, Labyrinth, and Harry Potter in one sentence is too damn cool!


Scented-lotion bliss!

Ooo! Just tried Bath & Body Works White Cherry Blossom lotion. If I could just dive into a vat of this stuff, I would. It smells fantastic!