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August 21st, 2006

A weekend of meh

My 10-year high school reunion? Biggest disappointment of the whole damn year. Hardly anybody I knew showed up. It's sad when the most interesting part was the tour of the school -- $15 million worth of updates.

Also, I bought a copy of Neil Gaiman's Marvel 1602. Brilliant concept, mediocre execution. Some things changed -- Daredevil's dayjob is "traveling minstrel." Some things didn't -- Scott is a prick no matter what year it is. Also, while I was impressed that King James I's homosexuality was touched on, I didn't like that Gaiman made Virginia Dare into a changeling. But the worst plot twist was Captain America being a time-traveler. Bah.

Ganked from metaquotes

Once you turn 30 you can finally stop worrying about becoming an adult because if you haven't done by then it is just not going to happen. camillabloom

So true.