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October 6th, 2006

Robbed blind (or numb, in this case).

Went to the dentist yesterday. $118 to get three of my 6 front teeth pearly white. The other three will be done Oct 26. I think my dentist should change his job title to "highwayman."

I'm off on Monday. Thank God.
Got my copy of The Little Mermaid 2-disc DVD on Wednesday. Haven't watched the movie yet but I did see the trailers.

There's a new Cinderella III trailer. This one showed a little of the movie itself. Egads, it's like the Disney writers have been replaced by bad fanfic writers.

There was also a teaser trailer for The Little Mermaid III. All it really showed was a mermaid (I think it was Ariel but it could've been Melody) and a ship. The main tune from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl was playing in the background, albeit in a different key. Your guess is as good as mine as to what this one's about, but if it's anything like The Little Mermaid II, it'll stink like last week's catch of the day.

Just when you thought Disney had ran out of Disney Princess ideas, here comes another one -- "Enchanted Tales: A Kingdom of Kindness." There's one Belle story and one Aurora story, "The first new Aurora story since Sleeping Beauty." I wonder if this means the rumored Sleeping Beauty II isn't happening. Or if this is the supposed sequel.

The Fox and the Hound 25th Anniversary Edition comes out on DVD Tuesday. Disney's Robin Hood comes out on DVD next month.

There was also a trailer for a direct-to-video computer-animated Tinkerbell movie. Looks cute.