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October 12th, 2006


*shows off new layout* You like? 'Twas inspired by cadhla's layout. I'll probably change the colors and background before the week's over. But for now, I'm diggin' it.


I've made an executive decision -- I'm not getting out of my pjs today. It's my day off, it's chilly outside, and my pjs, robe, and fuzzy monster slippers are nice and warm.

Bobby thought he'd be either home (on leave) or at least on his way on October 14th, but now he has no idea.

Some weirdness to report -- LJ has notified me that two complete strangers have friended me. So, su_auto_pr and dirtyfilthy, if you would kindly tell me who you are and why you friended me, I'll consider friending you back.


I did it! *shows off new journal background and colors* What do you think?

The amazing adventures of DC

There's this silver tabby who's been hanging around our house lately. We assume she's (I'm guessing here) a stray since there's no collar. We first were aware of her a few weeks ago when she got caught in my neighbor's pine tree. Dad got her out by offering her tuna.

I've wanted to adopt this cat, but Mom definitely doesn't want it.

Early this afternoon, I heard barking. I looked out the living room window to see the cat in our cherry tree and the dog from a few houses down barking at her from the ground. The cat looked safe and secure in the tree, so I basically ignored them.

A few hours later, the barking stopped. Curious, I looked out the window to see the cat laying on the ground, the dog biting her abdomen. I dropped what I was doing and ran outside, yelling at the dog, who took off. The cat went back up the tree.

I called Dad, who suggested I call the Humane Society. So I called them and the guy I spoke to said he'd send someone over. I decided to wait outside, just to make sure the cat didn't leave the tree and take off. So, I spent about half an hour in windy 40°F weather, keeping an eye on the cat and occasionally scaring away the dog, who kept circling the block.

The Humane Society guy, an older man, tried to coax the cat out of the tree but she wouldn't budge and he didn't bring a ladder with him. He said from what he could see of her that she didn't look injured and that she'll come down on her own. He had another call to go to so he left.

As far as I know, she's still in the tree, clinging for dear life when the wind kicks up when she could've been in a nice, warm building with a full tummy by now.

Is it any wonder that I'm calling her DC (Dumb Cat)?