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December 18th, 2006

Robert's birthday was yesterday, but since he's still in Iraq, we celebrated without him. Linds, Reilly, Breanna, Linds' parents and sister, Mark, Patty, Kalob, and Justice all came over last night. We sang Happy Birthday to Bobby then Reilly blew out the 26 candles (with a little help from Linds). Bobby called about an hour after that and got to talk to everybody.

I miss my brother.


Regarding the wine post I did a couple of days ago, Mom and Dad decided to crack open the bottle of Reisling on Saturday night to go with dinner. I tried some but didn't like it. Honestly, I like the Berenger's White Zin (I cannot remember how the full word is spelled) they usually drink better.

I think I'll ask them to open the Pinot Noir next. Thanks for the info and opinions, firelion and abermel!

When I got to work this morning, I found a green plastic Christmas cup on my desk. Inside the cup were a candy cane pen (with black peppermint-scented ink!), a white candy cane with red, yellow, green, and blue stripes (I have no idea what flavor it is), a chocolate-covered cherry cordial-flavored marshmallow, a red and white jingle bell, a snowman ornament, a little tin of Nivea creme (apparently, it's a moisturizer), and a glittery gold votive candle in a clear glass votive holder. Leadership gives good presents.


Note to Self

Don't go to Dollar Tree a week before Christmas ever, ever again.



Got my first birthday present today -- Giants, Monsters & Dragons: An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend, and Myth by Carol Rose from Aunt Penny.

firelion loves her presents! Of course, this means I'll have to top those when her birthday comes around, but I am up to the challenge.