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January 3rd, 2007

My parents surprised me with a new computer desk last night!

This means that I'll be spending most of tomorrow making a space for it in my room.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, you'll know my mountainous pile of stuff devoured me whole.


Because it had to be said.

There are some days that start out on a bad note. Then there are the days that forget the note and instead drag the whole orchestra of suck out at 4:30 in the morning and set up shop next to your bed.

That would be this morning.

all_ephemera via metaquotes
In one of cadhla's recent posts, she asks her readers for random facts about themselves. I mentioned that I love tomato soup cake and cream cheese frosting.

Her response?

I have...never heard of this cake before.

I am strangely fascinated.

So naturally, I offered to email her the recipes. I thought some of you out there might also be interested, so here you go.

Tomato Soup CakeCollapse )

Cream Cheese FrostingCollapse )

If even the thought of eating Tomato Soup cake is unappetizing, it's also known as Spice Cake.

Don't forget to refrigerate the leftover cake. Rumor has it the cake tastes better the second day, but that is unsubstantiated since it never lasts that long at my house.