January 5th, 2007


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After all my procrastinating, I actually did get started on my room yesterday. I even made a little bit of progress.

Then, of course, I had to celebrate my progress by watching the House, M.D. episode "Three Stories" and a few of the DVD extras. Hugh Laurie has the most gorgeous British accent. I am a bit annoyed that he has to cover it up with an American accent, but he does it very well. Yes, I'm bad -- I've been skipping around with the House, M.D. episodes -- I've only been watching the ones that sound good. I promise I'll watch them all, in order, at some point.

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Forgot to add that the only thing wrong with House, M.D. is that most of the names of diseases and such fly right over my head. I need a medical dictionary to watch the show. The episode recaps at TWoP help a lot.

I need a House, M.D. icon. Made my own.
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I knew it!

From the IMDb House, M.D. trivia page:

David Shore (one of the writers) has said that the character of House is inspired by the fictional character Sherlock Holmes, particularly with regard to drug use and his desire (and capacity) to solve the insolvable. House uses Holmesian deductive techniques to diagnose his patients' problems. References to the sleuth range from the obvious (House's apartment number being 221B) to the subtle (his friendship with Dr. James Wilson and the similarities between the names House and Holmes, and Wilson and Watson).

Actually, what I was thinking was that House must've been based on Dr. Joseph Bell, the guy Sir Arthur Conan Doyle based Holmes on. But still, close enough.

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