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January 27th, 2007

Here's a Watson, there's a Watson
And another little Watson
Fuzzy Watson, funny Watson
Watson, Watson, Holmes

Watson, Watson, Hudson, Watson
Mycroft, Moriarty, Watson
Sleepy Watson, Emma Watson
Watson, Watson, Holmes

Where is Irene Adler? Is she on the town?
Holmes and Watson on her trail, She will soon be found
They've been searching all night long, what are they to do?
Seems they're looking everywhere, but Without a Clue

Watson, Watson, LeStrade, Watson
Pompey, brain, appendix, Watson
Watson calm, alarm a Watson
Watson, Watson, Holmes

Who is at the door now? Mysteries abound
Upstairs there on Baker Street is where they are found
But they share the spotight now, it is plain to see
Can't do much without his Boswell, elementary

uglinessman, who even made icon versions, but they're too big for LJ.