February 5th, 2007


Super Monday? Yeah, right.

Yesterday afternoon, there wasn't much on, so I watched the first half of Puppy Bowl III and the Kitty Half-Time Show. Major cuteness all around. I especially loved the three Samoyed puppies, the Golden Retriever puppy, the Pomeranian puppy, and the orange-and-white kitten that just chilled for most of the half-time show.

Then came the game. I didn't pay much attention to the game itself, except to remark that people watching on HDTVs only got to see the raindrops more clearly than the rest of us.

I liked some of the commercials -- the Bud Light ad with the auctioneer conducting the wedding, the Fed Ex in space ad with Europe's "Final Countdown," the Coca-Cola ad that looked like "Grand Theft Auto," the car ad (can't remember which company) with the dreaming robot, and the beer ad (Budweiser? Bud Light?) with the "dalmation." The rest were decidedly meh.
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