February 7th, 2007


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Dear NCIS writers,

Loved La Grenouille ("The Frog"). Since Jenny's got such a history with the guy but failed to nab him this time, I can only assume you'll bring him back. Can it happen before the season finale, please?



Dear Armand Assante,

Sir, you blew me away last night. You were suave, sophisticated, and even a little pitiable.

Please tell me you'll be the villain in the next Bond movie.



I was wrong -- Judge Dredd came out in '95. And I'd totally forgotten about his role in the TV movie The Odyssey.

I think it's time to finally add Armand Assante to my formal list of crushes.

What does laziness get you?

A poor man's Dr. Pepper.

I didn't feel like climbing two flights of stairs just to get a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. So I decided to try Pibb Xtra (stupid name).

I've only had two sips, but I can already tell you it's Dr. Pepper's ne'er-do-well younger brother.
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MSN's got an article compiling the most mismatched movie couples. The last pair is one I'm very familiar with.

You Put a Spell on Me
"Beauty and the Beast" (French title: "La Belle et la Bête") is arguably the most lushly imagined and surrealistic of the aforementioned unlikely pairings. Created in 1946 by Jean Cocteau, "Beauty and the Beast" was based on the old fairy tale of a young woman (Josette Day), who must, as payment for her father's trespass, go to live with a raging beast in a castle, only to find under the fur and claws a beast with a heart of gold. Jean Marais plays the conflicted main character; it's an unfortunate turn when the spell is broken, eradicating the grumpy but passionate beast and replacing him with a vapid prince. They find true love in the end, unlike a number of our unusual love birds, but it's when they stop being an unlikely pair that you least care about them ...

It's not the best filmed version of "Beauty and the Beast," but it's really good. The best, IMHO, is the Canon Movietale with Rebecca DeMornay as Beauty. If you're interested, get the DVD. You won't be disappointed. Second-best would be HBO's Happily Ever After version with Vanessa Williams doing the voice of Beauty and Gregory Hines doing the voice of Beast.