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February 13th, 2007

*points to icon*

Yep, we got it again. The meteorologist this morning said we got around 3 inches. All the schools are closed. I decided not to risk my life, Dad's life, and Dad's car by trying to get to work. So, Mother Nature now owes me 20 hours of paid time off. She can pay me back by lessening the pollen this spring and summer. That way, I won't have to spend any sick time on going to the doc in the box because I've got a sinus infection from my allergies going haywire.

So, I've now seen seven of the first eight episodes of the second season of House, MD. I decided to skip one since it didn't sound interesting. Having just seen "The Mistake," I can safely say that I wouldn't want House or Chase as my doctor. Cameron's a maybe. I'm pretty sure Foreman would be okay, though.

New episode of NCIS tonight. *cheers*